Translational sprinkler

Translational sprinkler

The running track of the equipment is a translational movement type, and the center point and all the scorpions move in parallel, and the water flow is sprayed from the center point through the nozzle uniformly distributed by the airflow to the ground, which is a translational sprinkler.

   The translational irrigation irrigation range is up to 98% of the total farmland area.


      Standard translation machine operation diagram

The translational sprinkler can greatly improve the land utilization and is suitable for longer plots.


Technical Parameters:


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                Water supply      River water supply       Hosted water supply

Advantages of the Comex translational sprinkler:

1、going straight will not pull across, the first in China.

There is a unique design on the prevention of the pull-up, so far no collapse event has occurred。

2、Large sprinkler irrigation area, good atomization effect。

The irrigation range is as high as 98% of the total farmland area. Good atomization effect, can increase seed production 1。

3、High mechanization and automation, reducing labor costs

The speed of the equipment can be adjusted, and the efficiency can be more than doubled on the original basis.。

4、Sprinkler irrigation water saving 30%~50%; increase production 20%~50%。

Large-scale sprinklers are matched with other agricultural implements to achieve uniform irrigation, uniform farming, uniform sowing, unified management, unified fertilization, and uniform harvesting.。

5、Sprinkler irrigation and versatile equipment。

The translational sprinkler is not only sprinkler irrigation, but also has the function of spraying and spraying fertilizer. After fertilization, the residual fertilizer on the surface of the blade can be automatically cleaned to make the crop grow healthier。

6、long lasting。

Structural parts hot dip galvanized, 20 years of corrosion under the conditions of use。

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