Vacuum cooler for vegetables and fruits

  After fresh vegetable, fruit, and flower being picking, they would become rotten easily and quickly. During this terrible process, the nutritious value would decline enormously. But now, there is a way to resolve this problem efficiently---vacuum cooling technology(vacuum cooler,vacuum cooling machine), which is designed to prevent fresh vegetables, fruits, edible fungus and fresh crops from decaying in the process of picking and refrigerate shipment, therefore, the freshness and nutritious value could be conserved effectively by vacuum cooler(vacuum cooling machine). And vacuum cooler(vacuum cooling machine) can eliminate field heat quickly, so the retention period is prolonged and the quality is improved. Practically, the temperature of vegetables and fruits could be dropped to 1℃-2℃ within 15-30 minutes.

Vacuum cooler for vegetables and fruits


What is vacuum cooling?

  Vcuum cooling is the quickest and most cost-efficient cooling system for vegetable, fruits, flowers & more. The vacuum cooling technology, which can strongly improve your product quality and at the same time reduce your cooling costs, is now becoming an acceprable investment for almost all vegetable growers!

  The technology is based on the phenomenon that water starts boling at lower temperatures as the pressure decreases. In the vacuum cooler the prssure is reduced to a level where water starts boiling at 2℃.The boiling process takes away heat from the product.As an effect, products can be cooled down through and through to 1 or 2℃ within 20~30minutes. Even (micro-perforated) packed products can easily be cooled this way!
  The quick and uniform cooling (the surface and the core of the vegetabe reach exact the same temperature after vacuum cooling!) results in a substantially longer shelf life of your produce. At the same time you can save on energy costs, as the vacuum cooling process is much more (cost) effcetive than traditional cooling technologies.


10 years technology and experience accumulation in vacuum cooling industry.

Vacuum cooler manufacturer in China really adopting sand blasting processing.

3 year warranty based for new dry pump technology

Adopt new oilles vacuum pump, free maintenance within 5 years, no need filter and changing oil(Only over 4 pallets).

1% high precision vaucum gaugue, more precision on temperature control.

Sand balasting processing to make sure perfect car type painting adsorbability, surface more smooth.

Stepless energy adjust design on compressor, high efficiency and energy saving, environment friendly.

Special CA air injection function to avord lettuce cyt getting red.

Germany BITZER brand compressor and Germany LETBOLD vacuum pump, stable performance and less maintenance.

Machines are approved by CE, CSA, BV, SGS, UL etc.

Brand registered in EUROPE, AUSTRALIA and CHINA

Screw type compressor with more cooling capacity and quite low failure rate.

Temperature, time and vacuum running modes are avaliable, practical for applications.

Continuous welding on vacuum chamber, pressure resistance ability.

Multiply proections, friendly interface and failure reminder function.

One national invention patent on core component, eight utility patents on appearance.

Mainly sold to Europe, America and Australia, also advanced farms in China.

Dural service from factory and local agent covering all the world.


Application fields

Leafy vegetables like (iceberg) lettuce, spinach etc. The process also works perfectly for field-packed produce, as long as (micro) perforated film is being used. For more“solid” vegetables ranging from (Chinese) cabbage and broccoli to carrots, the cooling down process might take (considerable) more time, but the result in shelf life increase can be more htan substantial.
For fruits (like strawberries) and mushrooms, it is most important that the produce is cooled down very shortly after harvesting.Fresh cut flowers are a different field of application. Special systems adapted to processing aircraft containers have been made successfully in the past.
For pre-cooked conveniencefood special (stainless steel) vacuum cooling systems are needed in order to preserve quality and taste.

Common Vacuum Cooling Vegetables


Main components

The size of the chamber is defined by the amount of pallets you want to cool at the same time, and their individual dimensions. The size of the chamber will decide the number of vacuum pumps to be used. Vacuum pump brand:Leybold (Germany), DLT(China), Busch(German).
The evaporator (water catcher, special: “COLDMAX” technology, invention patent approved!) inside the vacuum chamber condenses the water vapour, and ensures only dry air leaves the vacuum chamber towards the pumps. Outsede the chamber, the cold medium (Freon) is cooled down by a refrigeration system. The compressor needed for this heat exchange process is supplied by bitzer (Germany) or by Hanbell (Taiwan).

Condensation system

Evaporative Condenser as Standard

Combining advantages of air cooling and air cooling, compact design with optimal condenation performance. Save energy and high efficiency, especially applicable for areas with high ambient temperature, dry climate and lacking of warter.

Control system

The specific developed control system ensures that the cooling process works perfect, even with partial loading. The target temperature will be realized quicklyc without freezing of the delicate vegetables. The processing data are collected in the system, and all relevant processing parameters can be seen on the display.
The electronics used are from LS (LG group), the leading Korean supplier. Control valves & components come from leading suppliers like Danfoss and Ldybold.
The system can be started with one push on the button! The touch screen display is very easy to operate and user friendly. The menuwill be supplied in the local language.

Standard Models & basic specs

Our standard range consists of models for 1 up to 24 pallets, and produce weight ranging fromm 250 to 12,000 kg. The mumber of pallets defines the chamber dimensions and the number of vacuum pumps needed to create the vacuum.
The gorss weight of the products to be cooled defines the cooling capacity needed Specific products might also meed additional options like moisture enhancement systems (to reduce weight loss), where needed combined with sanitizing agent dispersion systems.
Considering load/unloading convenience, 3 section type conveyor platform system is optional, especially necessary for big vacuum cooling system over 6 pallet.

For the vacuum chanber, three different types of doors can be used:

Standard hydraulic door:

High efficiency and practical, easy operationm quite convenient installation.

Horizontal sliding door:

This electrical driven door is optimal if the cooling skid isplaced besides the vacuum chamber (one pallet model and > 6 pallet systems)

Hinge door:

Most simple construction, manual operation. The ramp for this system is relatively long, and is mounted inside the cooling chamber.
It is also possible to use two doors in combination with a roller belt system, for maximum efficiency of the (un) loading process.



Special vacuum coolers
Special sizes

For research purposes we can offer small size machines with full specs, as of 125 kg gross cooling capacity. We also can offer large and/or biggest systems, up to 20 pallets ane/or 8,000 kg and semi-continuous systems.

Stainless steel

For the cooling down of pre-made food, special systems (constructed out of stainless) have been constructed. Please contact us for specific information.

Final product

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