Block ice machine

  As the leading supplier of ice making machine in Asia, Coldmax owns several patent technology in core parts , which help the ice making system achieve optimal cooling speed at minimal energy consumption.

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Block ice machine

Block ice Application

Block ice machine and application fields

Dimension of block ice made by block ice machine is the biggest in ice products.Smaller contact area makes itis hard to melt. It can be crushed into different forms of ice block according to different requests.The block ice is widely used in fields of ice factoy of ports and docks,aquatic product preservation, cooling,long-distance transport,foodstuff preservation,cooling in special field,ice engraving,edible ice and etc.


COLDMAX Blcok ice machine features

Separated structure design to save space,convenient movement and easy installation
Adopted international top brand compressor,could use R404A,R134A refrigerants and others.
Voltage ove-load protector,automatic water filling.
Ice size and capacity could be flexibly costumed according to customer requirements.
Safety operation,low risk and cost,and high output

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Standard working condition:ambient 25Celsius,inlet water 20 Celsius, -22Celsius and condensing 40 Celsius,


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