Farm equipments

  We are become involving in modern farming equipments from 2008,professional in technique creative,products creative,design,manufacture,marketing,installation and provide after-sales service. In 2012, the large-scale Lateral moving Sprinkler Irrigation equipments for farms was put into market. Coldmax successfully win the bidding,design and install 13sets equipments for Henan Agricultural Science and technology institute. After years of practical experience, technology research and development, in 2016, Coldmax Lateral moving Sprinkler Irrigation equipments can achieve accurate GPS navigation.

  As a modern farm service provider, we are devote to provide a series superior service for customers.We will bring customers:high efficiency, energy &water saving, production increasing and labor- saving, Contribute to the service for modern agriculture.

Farm equipments

Product details

COLDMAX  lateral move sprinkler irrigation consist of  multiple tower ,which supported for a spraying pipe. While lateral translation , the machine doing spray irrigation operation , with high efficiency, energy saving, water saving production and labor- saving features. It`s maximum use of the land of a square or rectangle, and farmland application rate could reach 98%.As a fully functional irrigation equipment, COLDMAX equipment not only can be used for sprinkle irrigation, but also be equipped with spray of chemical fertilizer and pesticides. It  is  the best way to promote the growth of crop and reduce the land salinization.

Standard Lateral moving Sketch

 The moving trajectory of the equipment is parallel,the center and all supporting body move parallel.The water flow through the cross-body and uniformly distributed to Spray Nozzles then sprinkle
  irrigation. It suitable for the irrigation of elongated land.Generally,require the land`s length and width ratio more than 3:1,and it used for flat land.

 The cross-body specification of the equipment just like Circular sprinkler system,but it`s longest do not exceed 1200m.The maximum length is related to this equipments type,water supply,power
  supply and Guiding way.

Main Components

Drive tower truck,supporting structure,tower,Terminal cantilever , Walking and transmission,electronic control system, guided system

Standard Lateral moving Sketch:
1.cantilever 2. Tower box 3.Tower truck 4. Water pump 5. Drive tower truck 6. Pressure watch 7.Generator unit 8.Control box

Two wheels translation  Four wheels translation

Water supply:
1) Dragging pipe 2) water channel 3) Riverway

Power supply:
Electricity power supply ,diesel generator set

Guiding way:
Ground cable guide  , GPS guide

Related supporting:
targeted stop, The power supply of pile,  water channel

Variety choice for irrigation sprayers,can match the most suitable water pressure,flow rate and irrigation amount.

Pipe fittings:
using hot dip  galvanizing thicken steel pipes, enhance the stability and strength of each Span.

VXP structure:
Coldmax choose sturdy VXP struture,the firm V shape structure supporting rod will bear the loading and distributed along the span equally.Which all components: Main pipeline,   Angle Steel, transmitter, steady steel structure and shaft are all made of hot dip glavanized processing.    Made of sturdy VXP structure, strong "V" shape of the structure of the diagonal strut structure will load is uniformly distributed along the span, which all components: director, Angle steel, transport, steel solid, and shaft are all made of hot dip galvanized processing

Main Technique data

 System Length(m)




 Qty of Tower




 Water Flow rate (m3/h)




 Through height of
      Supporting structure(m)








 Water supply




 Span distance(m)


 Length of Terminal cantilever(m)


 Min working pressure of    Terminal(MPa)


 Mix spray uniformity(Cu)


 Max Climb Capability


 Wheel model


  Motor reducer Power(kW)


 Transmission ratio of moter    reducer


 Transmission ratio of wheels    reducer


Above only listing a part of model.The Sprinkler flow rate, rainfall capacity of the equipment is available for adjustment according to user`s actual need and the change of the water supply.


 To go straight and not to pull,the domestic initiative.

 Bigger irrigation area and better water spray performance.Water saving 30~50% and increase output 20%~50%.

 Irrigation area up to 98% of the total farmland area.Imported Watering Nozzle,water atomization effect is good,can make seedings increase 1.5 times.

 Advanced mechanization and automation.One worker to control 2~8sets to increase production efficiency.Reduce labor expense by 50% compared with surface.

 Irrigation and spray pesticide with multi-function.

 Longer lifetime. Hot-dip zinc galvanized steel structure. 10 to 15 year no corrosion with instructed maintenance

 Compatible with other farming equipment to realize unified irrigation, cultivation, planting, management, fertilization and harvest.

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